Bantayan Detour 02

A few weeks ago, I found myself lounging at a shore in Bantayan once again. It had been about two years since I was last in the island.
My brother and I had just graduated from college at that time, Nice was just about to start on her thesis, and Ken was only about to start work as an Engineer.
We were looking ahead- naive hopefuls waiting for big opportunities to come our way. A lot of things have happened and have changed since then.
And no, we haven’t gotten any big breaks or anything like that just yet, but we are a bit more grown up now.

Sometimes I think we tend to think that life steers us in abrupt motions, and that big decisions or milestones are the only things that
could take us to The Next Chapter, but if we stop to think about it, the little steps matter as much as the giant leaps do, and maybe even more so.
Two years took us toward new paths and opportunities, to which without taking small steps could not have been possible.
And things might have shifted around and within us, but at our core, we’re still the same sort- kind of wiser? maybe,
and a bit more experienced in the growing up department, sure, but still the same clueless doofs who just like to hang out at beaches, really.

This time around, I was with a different set of friends. All of us wanted to take a break from the usual hustle and bustle of Sinulog,
and getting a taste of that sweet, sweet island nectar that we’d been longing for was a chance too good to pass up.

For two days, we spent our time in a tiny blue-roofed beach house, cooking and eating warm meals as we seasoned them with stories of high school,
of old and newfound love, of heartaches, of current circumstances and what ifs. Those small moments we spent barefoot on the sand with the sun on our faces,
or on rickety bikes being pushed on by silly jokes and hearty laughter are what will always remind me that life is good, my friend. Life is good.

Till next time–

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